Emergency Department

The Emergency Department is available and staffed 24 hours a day to provide emergency care for a variety of conditions.  We participate in the Washington State Emergency Cardiac and Stroke System maintained by the Washington State Department of Health.  We are designated by the State as a Level II Cardiac Center, a Level III Stroke Center, and a Level V Trauma Center.

In addition, we are affiliated with the Neurology team at St. Peter’s Hospital in Olympia to provide onsite neurology consultations via the “Telestroke” robot.  This technology provides us the ability to have a Neurologist evaluate the patient while in our Emergency Department. The neurologist is able to visualize and assess the patient in real time via the robot and offer an immediate consultation prior to our physician’s making the decision to treat or transfer.  This program also allows the neurologist to instantly see the actual CAT scan as soon as it is complete.

Other services offered by the Emergency Department include:

  • Short and long-term Infusion Therapy
  • Wound care
  • Administration of injectible medications

Transfers to Other Hospitals:

Willapa Harbor Hospital and the hospital physicians maintain excellent working relationships with many larger tertiary hospitals – Harborview, St. Peter’s Hospital, University of Washington, etc.   Conditions requiring major surgery or specialized interventions are transferred to an appropriate hospital by either the County EMS (ambulance) or by air via helicopter.  Prior to the transfer, arrangements are made with the receiving hospital, so that you have an appropriate physician that is expecting you, and a bed assigned.  Our nurses give a detailed report to the receiving hospital so that they are aware of your condition and any specific problems you might have.  This assures a smooth transition of care and facilitates the ability of the receiving hospital to begin your treatment quickly.   

Willapa Harbor Hospital has an onsite helipad that is available 24 hours a day.  We have three business partnerships for helicopter service.  Our primary service is Airlift Northwest, but if needed we can also use Life Flight, or in certain circumstances the US Coast Guard.  Occasionally, the weather is not conducive to flying, and the helicopters cannot make it in.  In that case, ground transportation must be used. 

Although air transportation is expensive, it is a vital and necessary service for rural areas like Pacific County.  Both Airlift Northwest and Life Flight offer a service/insurance package to consumers that at last update, costs approximately $80 a month and covers air transportation for all members of your household.

By using teamwork within Willapa Harbor Hospital, and on the outside with other partners in your care, we hope to provide timely and quality medical care for you and your family.  We welcome your feedback about your experience at Willapa Harbor Hospital and routinely send out Patient Satisfaction Surveys that are carefully monitored and are a vital ingredient of our Quality Assurance Program.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have an observation or question about your care.